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Distributor of machines for cleaning diesel particulate filters DPF and FAP


Our company deals with support, equipment and training of professional car services. The offer includes only the highest quality products and services. We are here to make your workshop earn more! Thanks to substantive and practical experience supported by access to technical knowledge of producers, we help many garages.

We provide solutions, we provide value!

We are proud to be the distributor of DPF cleaning machines from Carbon Clean Ltd. We deal not only with sales but also with technical support, training in the field of filter diagnostics and after-sales service. Due to the fact that the inflow of used cars equipped with a diesel particulate filter increases exponentially, we believe that thanks to this service turnover of your workshop can increase significantly.

You can find more technical information on our blog:

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Not only DPF cleaning machines ...

The company Intermotive Solutions has been associated with car diagnostics and tuning for years. We are the official dealer of the Autologic diagnostic device, which gives factory options to unauthorized worshops. In our offer, you can find the world leader in the field of tuning and modification of the engine software - Quantum Tuning from Great Britain. If you want your service to earn more, thanks to additional services such as chip tuning and many others, check our offer and become a partner of the British leader! We will train your staff, equip you with the right devices, receive technical support, we will promote your website!

The tuning offer would not be complete without the dynamometer. As a distributor of the Swiss road test bed Insoric, we are convinced that this device will interest many of our customers

We also distribute the Fronius Acctiva rectifiers. Thanks to this, we can be proud of offering professional and not only in our opinion the best devices supporting voltage during diagnostics and programming as well as charging batteries on the market. Acctiva is an Active Inverter technology that provides 100% safety when servicing a car in a car service. The acctiva series products are the only ones certified by the majority of premium car manufacturers

You can find our full offer at www.intermotive.pl

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